Why choose vocational training with K2 Learning?

Vocational training offers an alternative route to career success. Not everyone is suited to university or college. Some people don’t succeed in a classroom or with an exam-based course. You may find or feel it is easier to learn by ‘doing’.  If you do, then the vocational route of learning maybe for you. Are you one of those people?

There are many reasons why people prefer and enjoy vocational training:

You will achieve a nationally recognised qualification.
Vocational training is often free to learners, with the cost of the training course met by Government funded schemes. It is not unusual for university graduates to be saddled with a £30,000 debt before they’ve even started work!
You will learn ‘on the job’.
You will develop your ‘real-world’ skills which will give you confidence, improve your productivity and help towards improving your prospects and maybe even getting a promotion!
You’ll gain practical skills relevant to you and employers.
Employers place a high value on ‘on the job’ experience gained through vocational training.