Kicking off your career with a pre-apprenticeship is a great way to get a head start in the field you want to work in.

This is what students at K2 had to say:

I enjoyed all of the course, especially when I gained my maths Level 1 qualification. Construction was good as I got a recognized qualification in painting and decorating. My construction course has helped me to progress further.

My work experience led to me getting an apprenticeship that includes the fitting of fire doors and electrical installments for popular hotels. Yes I would, it’s good if they don’t have the maths and English. A special thanks to Llion for helping me gain my Level 1 in maths. All of the teachers were nice and supportive and helped me get my qualifications.

K2 Development has helped me improve my skills; my confidence has grown. I have made new friends and new experiences. Thank you for everything you have all done for me. I’ll miss K2 and hope to see you again.

Male Head

K2 is a place where learning is taken seriously, where no goal is ever too ambitious and where friendships are made. During my short time spent at K2 I was able to gain several qualifications, have the opportunity for an unforgettable work experience placement and most importantly my level 2 functional skills maths qualification! Whether you’re looking for an apprenticeship or to study at further education  K2 staff are more than happy to explore the many different pathways available.

Female Head

I joined K2 Development to gain my Level 1 in maths and English and to get an apprenticeship.

I have currently got my Entry Level 3 in Maths and English and I am waiting for my results for my Level 1 in maths. I am also now a trained first aider and have a L1 award in Construction. I have met new friends and my confidence has improved dramatically.

K2 Development has helped me apply for the army, and I hope to be a dog handler, paratrooper or a diver in the future. I would like to thank Llion for all his help and support, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without him. Thank you to all staff at K2.

I would definitely recommend this course to friends and family. I hope to stay in contact with friends and staff from K2.

Male Head

Hello my name is Jarin. I joined K2 in May. I had gone through school, getting D grades in Maths and English, and I thought that I wanted to be a hairdresser, but I wasn’t sure.

Since I joined K2, I have achieved my Level 1 in English and Maths. I have also passed Level 2 certificates in Emergency First Aid at Work and Food Hygiene, and Level 1 certificates in Safeguarding and Childcare.

I am currently working at an apprenticeship in a children’s nursery in Small Heath, and I am very pleased with what I have achieved in the last two months.

Female Head

So what had drew me to K2 Development?

The advertisements, leaflets and also my school recommended me to it as it is really easy to get to. K2 would be really easy for another chance to retake my maths and English. After my 20 weeks is up from when the course finishes, I will be able to get an apprenticeship and also a job.

The lessons which K2 Development do offer are very good and also very well organised. So far K2 has got me work experience in a fashion store which has really benefited me as they know I have a passion for fashion. They have also helped me to  get a part-time job as a sales assistant. This made me very, very happy. So far now, I have achieved a level 1 in maths and nearly a level 1 in English.

I would definitely recommend K2 Development to others as they can help them with their careers and futures as they help you whenever help is needed.

Female Head

I was so intrigued in studying construction, my previous school made alternative provisions for me to be transferred to K2 Development in Year 10.

The quality of provision is outstanding, I can tell because I have passed my level 1 English exam and I’m now revising for my level 2 exams. The tutors are very helpful and kind and make the lessons more enjoyable.

So far in my 20 week course I have achieved a huge amount, both academically and physically, making a great deal of progress. When I first joined K2, I was not familiar with many students but now I have settled in and get along with the vast majority of students. I also hope I stay in contact with the people I know.
I would definitely recommend that more students come to K2 because it has a wide range of courses to choose from the people here are very friendly and over all it’s a great experience.

Male Head

What had decided me to come here?

I had failed both maths and English as I had got a U in maths and a D in English. I had found K2 Development through my secondary school as they had advised me to come here. It also sounded interesting as they offered a variety of courses.

The quality of provision which is provided is really good. I have achieved a lot while being at K2. I have achieved and secured a Level 1 in English and have learnt how to socialise with different aged people. I feel like I have learnt a lot in English and maths.

There isn’t nothing much that I would improve at K2 Development apart from the facilities which are provided like a kettle or hot water and a microwave. I would recommend K2 Development to others as it is a nice environment to be in and the staff are really welcoming and positive. The staff are here to help at all times.

Female Head

I am doing my English, maths and Customer Service qualification at K2. I already had some part time work at Tesco, however K2 helped me develop my customer service skills and I now have extra paid work – I now do 3 days a week of paid work.

During lessons at K2, I have learnt about communicating with customers using non- verbal communication, i.e. body language, how to treat a customer with respect and why first impressions count.

I have to give out customer satisfaction cards to customers who then rate my service. My feedback rating from customers has gone up massively since I started at K2. My manager has commented that I get positive compliments from the customers. I have learnt such a lot by being at K2 but I am still learning!

Male Head

I am doing my work experience in a chain store; I have been there since September and I think I am now ready for a full time job. I know all the procedures and what to expect from my Manager, Supervisor and other staff.

I have a lot of different tasks to do but I am not allowed to handle cash. I let delivery people in, take stock in and out of the storeroom and put stock out on the shelves and clothes rails. I also deal with customers; I have a regular customer – she comes in to see me all the time. She always asks me for help, we have a chat. She is a bit aggressive with other staff and they don’t like her but she is really nice to me. I have learnt to read customers body language and behave appropriately; I have learnt to bite my tongue and be professional.

I enjoy being at K2; the tutors help and treat you like adults even when others around me behave like kids. The learning environment is better than school and the other students are better behaved.

K2 has prepared me for a full time job. I am more confident now and can speak to lots of different people. I really love it; they have helped me do what I want to do.

Female Head

My aim was to work with IT in a business environment. When I joined K2, I tried to find my own placement and made several phone calls but didn’t find one.

So K2 found one for me. I had my interview and started straight away. I was asked lots of problems solving and reactive type questions around IT during my interview;

“How would I do this?”

“What would I do if?”

I really enjoyed my first day; I built a few computers!! I got some really good feedback from my Manager and this made me feel really good about myself.

I have been doing a variety of tasks from fixing sound systems on computers to diagnosing problems on broken computers. The work is varied and interesting. I enjoy it, especially knowing the work has met the required standard.

If you like technical things and PCs, working with your hands, fixing things then you will enjoy this type of work. If you don’t then you will get bored!

My placement helped me decide that I want to work in an ICT and/or business environment. It helped me choose my pathway.

Male Head

I came to K2 to get my English and maths qualification. I was looking to join the Territorial Army and become a vehicle mechanic. I was already helping out at a local garage.

K2 suggested that I do a Business Administration qualification at the garage. I have regular visits from my Tutor who observes me doing my job, checks my paperwork and discusses my progress with my Manager. I get lots of feedback as well.

Surprisingly, there is quite a bit of paperwork admin to do in addition to fixing trucks and cars;

  • I send emails to customers and suppliers,
  • I speak with customers at the garage,
  • I answer telephone calls,
  • File paper copies of emails and invoices and
  • I prepare estimates

Ultimately, I want to specialise in mechanical work with the Territorial Army – so I will get the best of both worlds. I can also demonstrate my customer service and business administration skills with my qualification from K2.

Male Head

I didn’t enjoy school but I wanted to work with children. I knew that for me to get an Apprenticeship I needed to have my English and maths so I came to K2.

I discussed placements with Jacqui and she found me a placement in a hotel within 2 to 3 weeks. Three of us started at the same time; one left as she didn’t enjoy it. I have actually been offered a paid job there.

I had to have an interview and the questions were all about me and work. I was nervous but my Tutor had prepared me well for it. I got offered the placement.

I was really scared when I first started; it was a BIG place but the people were nice and they provided me with a uniform. I felt part of a team and soon settled down. I was shown how to do things and I learnt new skills such as folding napkins, setting cutlery and polishing glasses; I had never done anything like this before and I found that I actually enjoyed it! – It was new and interesting.

I am more confident now – before I was shy but now I can talk to anyone; business people, young and the elderly, even difficult and rude people.

Teamwork activities in class really helped me with my communication skills. I didn’t know anyone when I first started.

To get to work and my placement, I have to get 2 buses. My work experience is on a Thursday and Friday from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm but my paid job is over the weekend. My early shift starts at 6.30am and finishes at 1.00pm. The late shift is from 2.00pm to 11.00pm. My mum drives me some days but I am learning to drive as I am being paid more than the minimum wage.

By being at K2 and my placement, I have become more independent, more mature and I don’t rely on other people so much. I am more enthusiastic about working; I’m going to be asking for more paid hours.

Being at K2 is different from school; I get treated as an adult, teachers don’t have attitude; they listen! It is a more mature environment than school and it prepares you for work.

Female Head

My placement is in a Care Home; I am following in family footsteps and I got the placement through family contacts but Jacqui gave me lots of advice and helped get all the paperwork sorted. I was in my work placement within 3 weeks of being at K2.

I want to do Counselling and feel by working there, I will better understand the loneliness and stress the elderly have.

I work from 10.00am to 5pm every Thursday and Friday. On the Reception desk, I greet people, ensure they sign in, check their ID and offer drinks whilst they are waiting. I can be dealing with family members, delivery staff or even Inspectors. I have to be really professional. I also assist the elderly to walk and talk to them.

Drama is my hobby and my Manager has asked me to organise a Christmas show. After Christmas dinner, I have organised an old film to be shown followed by a quiz. Santa will then deliver presents which have been donated by Charities. I made several telephone calls asking them to donate. I am really enjoying it.

I have become more confident through my work placement. I have developed my customer service, communication, team working, problem solving and organisational skills.

At K2, my English and maths skills have improved and there is a good atmosphere and social life with the other group. Being at K2 has helped me decide where I want to be in life and be focussed. I want to continue with my education; I am hoping to go and do Health and Social Care at College and I would really like to go to University.

Female Head