Microsoft Certified IT


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This course is designed to build on your interest and passion within the IT industry, covering a wide range of skills that will be developed throughout.

Practical elements will include:

  • Word processing software
    • Enter and combine text and other information accurately within word processing documents
    • Create and modify layout and structures for word process documents
    • Use word processing software tools to format and present documents effectively to meet requirements
  • Spreadsheet software
    • Use a spreadsheet to enter, edit and organise numerical and other data
    • Select and use appropriate formulas and data analysis tools to meet requirements
    • Select and use tools and techniques to present and format spreadsheet information
  • Presentation software
    • Input and combine text and other information within presentation slides
    • Use presentation software tools to structure, edit and format slide sequences
    • Prepare slideshow for presentation
  • Improving productivity using IT
    • Plan, select and use appropriate IT systems and software for different purposes
    • Review and adapt the ongoing use of IT tools and systems to make sure that activities are successful
    • Develop and test solutions to improve the ongoing use of IT tools and systems

This qualification is suitable for people:

  • who are new to the IT industry;
  • who have little to no previous experience of working with computers.

The style of learning for this qualification will be classroom based – this means that the learner will all time in the classroom completing several projects and developing their knowledge on a computer which will help build their portfolio of skills.

For this qualification knowledge and practice is assessed using evidence generated by you undertaking your normal work duties. Methods of assessment can include observation, discussion, looking at documentation, testimony and personal statement.

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Where will this course take the learner?

This course can put the learner on the right track for lots of exciting and different opportunities. Some of which includes:

  • Customer service
  • Receptionist
  • Manufacturing
  • Stock replenishment
  • Warehouse and Logistics
  • Retail
  • Catering

As part of this Pre-Apprenticeship course, you will also cover these three short courses:

Foundation Food Hygiene

Safeguard the health of consumers in a catering, manufacturing or retail setting where food is prepared, cooked and handled.

Emergency First Aid at Work

Learn about the roles and responsibilities of a first aider including assessing an incident and how to deal with minor injuries.

Health and Safety in the Workplace

Ensure that all employees are aware of their own safety and the safety of customers, contractors and the public.

and Functional Skills in both English and maths.

Functional Skills - English

A nationally recognised Functional Skills qualification aimed to improve your reading, writing, spoken communication and listening skills. You will learn independently and in small groups.

Functional Skills - Maths

A nationally recognised Functional Skills qualification aimed to improve your general maths skills. You will learn independently and in small groups.