K2 Learning employer partners

K2 Learning is looking for employers to help inspire the next generation of young people.

K2 Learning trains and works with motivated young people who want to gain hands-on experience in a business whilst they are working towards a vocational qualification.

If you can offer a work experience applicant a place within your business, whether you’re looking for a solution to fill a resources gap or help develop the training skills of your staff, our Pre–Apprenticeship students could be just what you need.

K2 Learning have developed vocational courses for 16–19 year old students so that they can gain a greater range of skills that are attractive to employers as well as equipping the students with knowledge and qualifications.

The students on the Pre-Apprenticeship Programme are required to do 2 days per week unpaid work experience as part of their course.

The advantages of this programme for the employer are that you would receive work experience students that would be carefully matched to your requirements, who are monitored and supported regularly by K2 staff. Students who you feel may be an asset to your team and are successful on the programme may progress onto an Apprenticeship programme or into employment therefore this may offer a valuable, cost effective source of recruitment. Our team are able to provide you with information on Apprenticeship grants should you choose to consider this as an option.