Kicking off their career with a Pre-Apprenticeship work experience placement is a great way for them to get a head start in the world of work.

They’ll get first-hand knowledge of how the industry works, plus be able to see whether or not it’s really what they want to pursue as a career. There are plenty of other reasons why you should offer work experience to candidates. Here are some points to help persuade you into giving somebody on a Pre-Apprenticeship their first step on the ladder to gaining a job and a career:


One of the largest advantages is getting the experience and qualifications they will need in your industry, while being able to put the skills they learn into practice at the same time, that someone will always be on-hand to show them how things are done correctly. If they have any questions about techniques, terminology or anything related to the industry, they can instantly ask their manager. Allowing them to take on more responsibility and trying new things will help them progress into an Apprenticeship or a full time job.

Good career prospects

Their Pre-Apprenticeship work experience will be very rewarding, even if at times it may seem demanding to them. Once they have finished their Pre-Apprenticeship, it will help open a world of options open to them. They may be able to carry on working in the same place, or look for a similar job in a different company. You will remember having industry experience is very important when getting your first job, so being able to show that you’ve got that experience plus qualifications will give them a huge advantage.

Also, your Pre-Apprenticeship work experience candidate may have showed you other interests and talents that you never knew they had, so you might think about showing them new skills.

The Pre-Apprenticeships work experience will give them the opportunity to work for a real employer and gain a real qualification, whilst gaining valuable workplace skills and experience.

Candidates getting experience and qualified while ‘on the job’ can also mean:

Work Experience Retail
they work better and more effectively
helping to set them up to move into a first or new job
they get to experience new and different challenges
their existing skills and knowledge are recognised and can help them gain a qualification faster
they learn at their own pace and get support when they need it
better job security.